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A strong team and a precise method

Rend is an industrial design, mechanical engineering, and product development studio powered by a team of professionals who since 2001 have taken up every challenge with passion and devotion. Using our cutting-edge skills and tools, we guide the client through a journey that leads to the final realization of their project, offering innovative and technologically advanced solutions. Our two-decade-long presence enables us to approach different sectors with maturity and knowledge, engaging with products that exhibit unique features and characteristics.

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Passion for innovation

Passion is the engine that drives each of us to work hard with attention to detail, the essential component that sees the emergence of advanced ideas – of the kind that leave their mark. Thanks to the flexibility and competence of each person, these ideas can turn into innovative projects, the result of the combination of skill and passion.

Sinergy of skills

A diverse team, with varied educational backgrounds and different skills, that works in synergy. The style of a designer combined with engineering expertise allows us to accompany the client on a journey towards solutions that are beautiful, elegant, and trendy, yet also practical, feasible, and achievable.

Rend in numbers

23 years of experience
43 professionals, including designers, engineers, and developers
600 square meters of workspace
Over 300 clients

Style, technology and future

“Rend develops cutting-edge projects born from an idea that demands a unique style and technology.”
Marco Zanchin, Co-Founder

“The achieved results are not a final destination; we aim to go beyond, develop new skills, explore new markets, and support emerging ventures.”
Ronnie Pallaro, Co-Founder

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