The client, a well-established manufacturer and distributor of alginates, plasters, and silicone compounds for the dental industry, requested a new design proposal for Hurrimix2.
Hurrimix2 is Zhermack's essential solution for dental professionals to enhancing the quality of mixing and impression.
The client had a twofold need: to give the product a new style and to significantly reduce production and assembly costs. The first step in approaching the project was to analyze the existing product and identify the aspects on which to intervene: choice of raw material, casing assembly, and number of screws.
This resulted in a design with as few molds as possible and an easy assemblying of the aesthetic covers. The lower part serves as a container or tank, in which all the mechanical components are located. The upper part consists of a closing casing and an opening cover made of transparent material.
The structural simplicity allows for maximum cleanability of the machinery and compliance with the constraints required by the industry in which the company operates.
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