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Audiometric Devices


The client is an Italian company operating in the medical sector and manufacturer of audiometric devices. The project involved developing the aesthetics of an audiometer and impedance meter, which are both devices used in audiometric examinations. The client provided necessary constraints related to the technology.
Two solutions were offered: the first one involved using one mold for each product, which would then machined in order to obtain the upper or lower shell of the device; the second one, which was aesthetically cleaner and more elegant, involved developing the two molds, the upper one and the lower one, and no post-molding operation. The second proposal was the chosen one.
The clean, linear shapes give the product the simplicity that the medical industry requires. All corners are easily accessible, making the product easy to clean on a daily basis without difficulty.
The color combination of glossy black and satin silver was the one that most convinced us and that we proposed as a solution to the customer. The aesthetics of the device's labels, graphic layouts and screen prints were also revised. These too reflect the sobriety and simplicity of the object.
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