Controller TRF CW


HiRef S.p.A. is an established technology company in the IT infrastructure cooling systems sector. For this project we focused on designing and developing a new cover for their chilled-water air conditioner controller.
The client wished to see the cover of the machine controller customized in such a way that would make it unique and recognizable. The cover was presented in two versions: one with buttons and one with a touchscreen interface, depending on the needs of the end user. Two product sizes were also studied, one larger and the other more compact, depending on the size of the machine to which it would be applied. The cover was conceived and designed with plastic parts on the two sides, and a central metal cover.
The central sheet metal cover was developed with a dual purpose: to be easily adaptable to design constraints and to offer material diversification. Due to the two kinds of displays, sheet metal is a more convenient choice than an injection mold.
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