Power tools range


For this client, a garden equipment manufacturing company, the aesthetics of a line of cordless garden power tools was developed: a brushcutter, two electric saws, a hedge trimmer.
Since these garden tools are equipped with potentially dangerous moving parts, compliance with regulatory constraints required for their use is essential. Maximum safety, ergonomics, layout of components, and grip of handles are only a few of the aspects considered in product development.
From the hedge trimmer first, the new styling was conveyed onto the other products as well, in order to create a family feeling for the range. The lines were softened and rounded corners, color choice, each detail and facets gave the products an innovative and modern look. Two sizes of batteries have been provided, the first one short-life, entry-level for sporadic use of the tool, the other one long-life for more intensive use.
The body of the chainsaw is the same, but there is an option to interchange the front part and switch from a hacksaw to a chainsaw. One is chainsaw and one is hacksaw. The brushcutter, in terms of structure and layout, is the one that differs the most from the other components in the range. The challenge was to come up with a design that would fit the structure of the product itself, but also consistent and in family feeling with the other components in the range.
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