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DOMOTICS | Cobofra

For over thirty years, Cobofra Group has been active in the production of electrical and electronic wiring harnesses, modules, cabling, and switchboards. We developed the design of a dimmer, i.e., an innovative system for managing, regulating, and controlling house lighting remotely, as well as the restyling of a remote control for home automation.
The restyling of the remote control involved minimal aesthetic intervention, given the client's desire to enhance the already existing injection molds. In our proposition to the client, we revised the shapes, rounded the edges, and added a central crown of buttons. Our search for details made it possible to differentiate the new version of the product from the previous one.
The user can choose from two different colors the version that best suits the context of use.
For the dimmer we developed a compact and elegant design. We played on the shapes of the buttons so that they were immediate to command with the feet. The proposed range of colors allows the end user to choose the shade that best suits their environment.
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