Mantegna Oven


Since 1963, Cuppone has specialized in the production of electric ovens, gas ovens, and equipment for pizza professionals. The project involved the aesthetic development of the Mantegna, a miniature professional electric oven with a rotating chamber.
Compact, eye-catching, state-of-the-art
An analysis of the framework, functionality, and high-quality materials involved gave the inspiration for a design that would go beyond a simple remake of the existing structure. The development of the aesthetics started from the heart of the machine, i.e., the firing chamber, where the design was bound by its structure restrictions. A new idea of style, with clean, simple lines, was born. The oven is equipped with a capacitive touchscreen display, for which a new, intuitive, and elegant user interface was designed.
One small detail that changes perception
The new design makes the oven look like it is sitting mid-air, few centimeters over the countertop. A purely aesthetic detail that keeps the functionality of the machine intact while adding visual lightness and solidity.
At home, at the coffeeshop, in professional kitchens: the elegant design of the new Mantegna fits any context.
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