Oil-filled radiator


The client is active in the production and marketing of oil-filled, domestic-use radiators. The aim was to design a new layout and aesthetics for the product.
The aesthetic development of the product started from the constraints and component layout provided by the client: the number of radiant elements, which should be movable, a control display to show the product status information, and physical buttons for adjusting functionality. Various solutions were proposed, differing in both aesthetics and material, and then as a production investment.
The client expressed their preference for the sheet metal solution. In the upper part of the product a handle was added for easier portability. in the lower part the design of the prop echoes the design of the upper handle the radiant elements are covered by the sheet metal casings. The pattern of holes on the side and upper casings allows the heat to radiate.
The led framing the front serves as a machine status indicator, but it also adds a purely aesthetic touch.
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